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Not much is notable about the lecherous Ataru Moroboshi, but his extraordinary bad luck sticks out like the horns in an alien's head. When Earth is threatened by a fleet of alien invaders known as the Oni, Ataru is selected to represent humanity in a duel against one of them. It's a stroke of rare luck for Ataru that the duel is in fact a game of tag, and that his opponent is Lum, daughter of the Oni's leader, who places her personal dignity above victory—as Ataru finds out by seizing Lum's bikini top and with it, victory. However, misfortune kicks in again when Lum mistakes Ataru's promise to marry his girlfriend, Shinobu Miyake, as the desire to wed Lum herself, and decides she rather likes the idea. Wielding her influence as an alien princess, she moves in with him. Forced to deal with the consequences of his womanizing ways, Ataru must balance his crumbling relationship with Shinobu while keeping Lum happy, all the while flirting with every woman he meets.

Series Info

📰 Title : Urusei Yatsura (2022)
🍂 Season : 1
📆 Release : Fall 2022
Rating : 7.23
🍀 Quality : 1080p
🎧 Audio : Japanese
💬 Subtitles : English


Episode 01 Young Love on the Run / Between a Rock and a Hard Place Download
Episode 02 Present For You / The Yellow Ribbon of Happiness Download
Episode 03 Mail from Space - Ten-chan Arrives! Download
Episode 04 Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin Download
Episode 05 The Glove of Love and Conflict / How I’ve Waited for You… Download
Episode 06 Good Day for a Departure / Oyuki / Ataru Retires Download
Episode 07 Home Is Where You Find It / Marine Garbage Disposal Download
Episode 08 Transfer Student Close Call… / Farewell Party Close Call… Download
Episode 09 To Kill With Love / Studying Mayhem Download
Episode 10 Parents’ Day Horrors / Since Your Parting Download
Episode 11 Mendo Siblings!! / A Strange New Year at the Mendo Estate Download
Episode 12 Ten Is Here / A Date for Just the Two of Us Download
Episode 14 Marine Garbage Disposal Download
Episode 15 Transfer Student Close Call… Download
Episode 16 Farewell Party Close Call… Download

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